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From strategy to implementation, we meet with our clients worldwide to implement end-to-end solutions for their inventory needs. Our custom-fit solutions our designed to adapt and evolve with our clients across their inventory lifecycle.

At Bernoulli, we help you embed the right processes to source, sell, exchange and manage your assets, so you can focus on whats important – flying high in the sky.

24/7 AOG

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We actively look for parts, packages, and complete aircrafts for Boeing, Airbus, and CRJ fleets. Send us your parts packages or end-of-cycle inventory lists! We source materials from nose to tail. Contact us to learn more on how Bernoulli Aerospace can help maximize the value and returns of your assets!


All of our rotable and repairable inventory is available for exchange, guaranteeing you a functioning unit when your component fails! Contact us to receive a quote for any and all of your exchange needs.


Tired of spending hours sourcing a proven calibration lab to help solve your calibration needs? With a network of over 100 ISO17025 calibration labs, Bernoulli can handle the calibration process of even the most complex tools. Our dedicated calibration team handles everything from receiving your tools, providing you a quote with the lowest possible cost, and overseeing the handling of your tools to ensure quick turnaround times. We understand the complexity of the aviation industry, and our quality control team will ensure you get your tools back in an efficient manner, ensuring all proper documentation is received, and all test points are met!


With a diverse inventory selection of Boeing, Airbus, and CRJ fleets we can help with all your rotable and expendable needs. We offer competitive pricing, same-day shipping on all in-stock items, and free delivery to local customers. With a 24/7 AOG service, we guarantee that you will get your parts when needed to help keep you in the air!


With a diverse network of top-in-class FAA approved repair stations, we help save you time and money on all your repair needs. Our team will manage everything from logistics to sourcing the best price for any and all repairs. Contact us to find out why, and how airlines throughout the world trust Bernoulli Aerospace to handle their repair management.


With a proven sales record, and diverse customer base, Bernoulli Aerospace can help maximize the return on your stagnant inventory. With our dedicated staff, and business development officers stationed throughout the world, we help sell your slow-turning inventory! Contact us to find out more on how Bernoulli can help turn your slow turning inventory into cash!
Do you have a need that requires a custom-fit solution? We are here to help, please contact +1 (954) 793-0845 or email [email protected] today.